Making two line's midpoints concentric

Good morning!

Coming from Fusion 360, this would be an easy one and I’d expect that this would work here as well, but it doesn’t. I created a vertical line to have a reference. Then I wanted to move the horizonal line (which is connected to the 4 circles) exactly on that midpoint of the vertical line. That would work if I could click the 2 purple dots and create a concentric constraint, but clicking/selecting those points doesn’t work :slight_smile:

So two questions on this:

a) How can I achieve making those two points concentric?
b) Is there a different way to achieve what I want?

Hi! The best way at the moment is to create an additional line from the endpoint of the vertical line to the midpoint of the horizontal one. Making the additional line Horizontal/Vertical will match the midpoints of the two lines.

The Midpoint snap can only be applied on a curve and a point object currently. Could that work for you?


The additional line would be longer than the distance from the end point of the vertical line to its midpoint. When you then make the additional line vertical it will force the horizontal line down so that its midpoint falls vertically below the midpoint of the vertical line.

Surely ‘translate’ is a better option… or did I miss something here?


Thanks for replying! I tried both suggestions, and both work great. Ideally there will be a constraint for that in the future :slight_smile: … I mean, there is a constraint but it doesn’t work for lines yet.