Help with snapping 2 line midpoints on same axis/plane

very simple task: I require the midpoints of at least 2 lines to snap into alignment on the same axis or plane. For some reason, there’s no guides/hints to snap these two midpoints into alignment/centering whilst moving a single line in closer relation to center with the other line. I’ve attached an image to show my snap guide settings. I’ve drawn a vertical line in hopes to get that to snap to one or both of these parallel lines, but even that doesn’t help to produce the hint/alignment action.

It’s funny - and also very annoying - to try and move a line around another line’s midpoint, only for the software to jump/lurch over that intended spot like two magnets resisting each other! Also noticed that with all these lock/snap-to-grid settings on, moving a line results to anywhere BUT the grid lines. I must be doing something incorrectly… or are these glitches?


EDIT: I tried connecting a small vertical line, and then moving the smaller lower line in hopes of snapping to the end of that vertical line - which would bring the two parallels in center, but that still didn’t work…


Nice to see you back…

Draw your line between the center points of the two horizontal lines. Then select this line and click Horizontal/Vertical. Et voila, as they say in France…




That works. Need to study this constraint more… Thanks for the help

You are most welcome. Good luck with your design.