Mass selecting face of different bodies


I’m trying to model a reciprocal frame. First of all, I’m doing a proof of concept in using Shapr3D and for that, I began to make a truncated icosahedron.

I found then this video about SketchUp where you can adjust and rotate multiple components in one way.

So I tested it on Shapr3D in a simple case just to see if it works.

My question is: I will have a lot of single faces of different object. Is there a way to select them in one shot?


My truncated icosahedron

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I’ve succeeded to make this frame I’m using several rotation. I just wanna know if it could be done in a faster way like in the YouTube video with SketchUp. But with Shapr3D, I think the conception of this kind of frame is more accurate.


Hi, That looks good! The Align and Replace face tools might speed up your workflow in the future, even if you have a slightly more complex shape to follow than in the video below

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Thanks a lot for the suggestion with the video :+1: I’m going to try it :slightly_smiling_face:

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