Shapr3D “Life Hacks”

I wanted to start a thread of clever, time saving, or unconventional ways to use the tools in Shapr3D. I’ve stumbled on a few tips buried in threads here and there, but wanted to compile them in one place.
The point of this is to help others with a clever designing solution or a new way of going about an operation.
Please feel free to share yours, hopefully we all learn something!

I’ll start with these. They aren’t my own findings, they’re tips the Shapr3D team have suggested in other threads. I want to say @KPeter demonstrated both of these.

Using the Replace Face tool to match surfaces quickly, instead of mate surfaces.

And another, found today. When selecting a multitude of bodies/surfaces/etc. if you accidentally select open space (deselecting all your selections) just tap the Undo button, and it will reselect where you left off. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just started reselecting 20 or so edges…

Keep it going :+1:t2:


Agreed, I lost many selections in other CAD Softwares, mean lot of time!