‘Master’ component

In many of my designs I create a component and then replicate it — and reuse it wherever I need to. Relatively straight forward using the duplicate feature within the workflow. The feature I would like would be to have a ‘master’ part that I can edit and all instances of the part would receive that edit.

For instance, I am designing a condo and using Shapr3D to convey features/changes to my builder. If I create a component like a standard 2-6 (30” wide) door, and replicate it throughout the condo, but then later want to add a feature to (or edit) the base door, I have to edit all instances (or recopy to their locations the edited component).

What I would like would be a master 2-6 door that I can edit once and know that all instances of the door would receive the edit…for instance, adding a hint or a handle.

Thanks for a great product!

Popular Wishlist feature.
Apparently on the roadmap but no ETA at present.