Components and Instances

I would love to have some kind of component management system inside my files, it would make everything so much more efficient and would allow for many cool things.

Please Shapr3D team consider making something to address that potential. I use Figma daily and the way they handle this is just perfect, here’s how it could work inside shapr.

After you create a master component the main object becomes green when selected, when you edit this component it applies to its duplicates.

Component duplicates or instances are yellow when selected, you can’t edit this object while it’s connected to the main component. You can detach the instance from the main component and then edit as a new object, but you can’t connect it back after detaching.


Thanks for the suggestion and the in-depth explanation and the UI tips! A solution for this use case is definitely on our roadmap and you’ll be able to see parts of it appear in releases before the end of the year.


Glad to hear that! Thanks

@elhrc side note, is that a cush drive damper?
It looks familiar.

@NathanD yes it is, it’s not being produced for my motorcycle anymore so I made a model and want ro try and print it in TPU

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That would be awesome to have. I work with Shapr3D on a daily basis to illustrate and show my clients new designs. The often want some elements slightly bigger or smaller. Till today I need to change a pattern of identical objects piece by piece. To work with a master instance would make my work so much easier. Especially if it’s a free arrangement of objects and not some pattern which could be replicated with the pattern tool.

Keep up the good work. :+1: