Blocks, symbols, or instances

Hi, is there a way to create a component, multiply it many times, then revise the design of that component in a way that changes the component globally on its duplicates?

Hi, you can duplicate a component using the copypaste feature and here’s a short video on the feature:

It’s currently not possible to revise the design of a component and still get back the initial design.

A workaround against another time can be to make duplicates at certain points as you progress through your design(the app is direct modeler and not history based)

Hi Victor,

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant to say if I create a component and copy them a hundred times at various locations and orientations, and if then I realize that I need to revise the component a little to make it look better, the only way to do that now is to re-duplicate the revised component again and place them a hundred times rather than simply redefining the component to the new version. That’s a feature that will be good to have.


Thanks for the further explanation. This is currently not possible in the app.

I will pass on your feedback to our product team.
For non-complex adjustments like chamfering or filleting a face/edge, you can select the faces/edges on all the duplicate objects and then adjust them at the same time.

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I have to say, repeating components (i.e. blocks or instances) are essential

Hi, we plan to add the Array feature to the app and it’s among the top features to added.

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