Match corner curvature

Hello - I am new to the program as I have only been using it about a week. I am attempting to design a window screen frame for a boat’s porthole but having some issues getting the curvature of the interior corners correct. In the attached photo I want to make the boarder a consistent thickness all the way around and bring the interior rounded corners inwards a little. In other words, I want the red arrow length to be the same 8.6684 length as the two point to point measurements shown by bringing the inside corner in as shown by the green arrow. So far the only thing I can seem to do is mess up the chamfer or make the entire boarder all the way around thicker (but the corner distance is still shorter). Is there a way to “fill-in” part of the corner or lessen the radius of the curvature?

Offsetting the edge at the Sketching stage should give that result.

It’s better to offset outwards rather than inwards. The corner curve maintains its shape better as its size increases when offsetting outwards. Offsetting inwards/smaller can result in the curve being different than the original one.

I couldn’t use the measure tool as there was no mid point on the curve, so I had to find the mid point by drawing some lines.

As you can see, 60mm consistent.

I hope that is of some help.

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Short clip showing the difference in practice.

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Thanks, Stephen! Appreciate the responses you have provided. When I originally created the object I did offset outwards to create the frame/body I am using. I had the measurements of the length/width of the frame and worked from the inside outwards as you suggested, however the corners were a little bit of guess and check and ended up being a mm or two tightly curved and need to come in a little. I can adjust the outside curves no problem on the model, but it is looking like I won’t be able to edit the interior curve without starting over? You mention that altering the interior curve can result in the curve being different that the original one - which is fine, I don’t mind the curve flattening out a little. I basically just want to fill the interior a little as shown by the green line below.

That’s easy enough to do. In this clip, I’m drawing a new longer arc, the same distance from both end points of the old one. Then made sure it was tangent to one of the straight lines.
Next I deleted all the old arcs and mirrored the new one to the other corners.
Trimmed off the stray ends to finish off.