Rounded corners in 2d solution, plus help needed

Hi, I’m new to Shapr3D, and loving it, don’t own it yet but probably will when I can use it fully.
I’ve checked this question on the forums already, didn’t find a satisfactory solution, had a play around, then found a solution using the offset tool, which provides radius centres automatically, circles can be drawn, moved to centres ,radius specified to match the offset Dimension, then the waste lines can be trimmed off…voila!
Hopefully I can successfully upload a couple of screen shots…


Apologies if this is common knowledge, I was intending to ask for help with the neck pocket portion (it’s a guitar body) but may have answered my own question. The idea is to make files that can be exported to Shaper Origin and do away with templates, I’m sure I’ll have questions in the future, and congrats on an awesome product, Tom