Another Way

Continuing the discussion from Need Help for chamfer:

I took a slightly different approach. It’s more involved, but I think it might offer more control.

  1. Sketch a circle with the desired radius of the rounded corner.
  2. Sketch a line through the center of the circle.
  3. Sketch a radial line at 45 or 135 degrees.
  4. Sketch a diagonal rectangle from the center of the circle to the end of the 45 degree radial line.
  5. Extrude a cube equal to the height of one of the sides of the base.
  6. Revolve a sphere from the half circle.
  7. Use the Intersect tool to make the rounded corner.
    Now it is just a matter of extruding the square ends out to the desired length, width and height to make one eighth of a cube. Then, using Mirror and Union, make the rest of the object.

Here is a 2 minute video

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Smart, very nice :clap:

Thank you, but my reply did not go where I intended.

very nice, both approaches yours and the one intersecting a cube with a sphere are nice workarounds, but e.g. adjusting the radius would be a “start from scratch” - right ?

So maybe still a vote for a “corner chamfer tool” ?

I am able to reduce the radius by offsetting the face, but if I want to make a larger radius, I would need to start from scratch.

A corner chamfer tool would be nice.


I can enlarge the radius by offsetting the face, but I can not reduce it that way.
I suppose the Scale tool could be useful.