Measurement input/selection feature update

Hi please add the ability to choose the dimension option directly into the measurement input pad. Thank you.

Why do you need to do this? Are you creating drawings with both imperial and metric measurements? You can set the type of unit in the menu in the upper right hand corner from the beginning.

This seems like a good idea. Could reduce mental gymnastics, say in metric, for non-metric users and vice-versa.



This is awkward. 3D modeling apps generally do not actually model in any particular dimension.
They model in “Units”. You simply define what the term “Unit” means in real dimension by setting the units for the space in the menu provided. The modeling app then applies that unit across the entire modeling space.

When you change the Units, the app applies a conversion to give correct dimensions to all objects.

But this kind of functionality would lead to folks trying to mix units in a single modeling space- or- each time you selected a different unit for a dimension, it would have to change the units setting for the entire space.
This would play havoc with such things as Snapping functions… as the grid would be off from one type of units to another.
As is, Just choose a format of measure and model your entire project in those units. If you need to see what any given dimension is in some other units- just change the units measure for the space- and then change it back afterwards.
But good modeling practices is to keep your modeling space dimensionally consistent for an entire project,


I’ve used this feature quite a bit in Fusion 360. I generally use mm dimensions, but occasionally I’ll want to specify an imperial dimension, which is done in F360 simply by appending " in" to the numerical value to specify inches.

This is not entirely true. 3D graphics apps usually don’t, but CAD software always use units. This is so deeply burned into the CAD systems, that for example Parasolid, the geometry engine under Shapr3D and Solidworks (and many other CAD systems) is using meters as units. So it’s not even an application level implementation, but it’s implemented in the underlying engine.