Measurement on STL


I often need to modify STL files and measure them accurately. I used to have a hard time doing that until I discovered the measurement tool in Prusa slicer, which made my workflow much easier.

Prusa slicer measurement tool

Now for my first world problem: I work on my iPad and I need to use Prusa slicer on my computer to get the measurements. It would be great if I could do everything on Shapr. I wonder if it is possible to integrate the measurement tool from Prusa slicer into Shapr, since Prusa slicer is open source maybe Shapr can benefit from their expertise.

I understand that this might not be a high priority feature and that it is not a big deal since I can still use Prusa slicer. I also don’t know much about the limitations of open source software and whether it is compatible with a paid software like Shapr.

But I would love to hear your opinion on this suggestion!

Thank you very much and also thank you for creating such an amazing app!