Measuring Lengths & Widths?

Hello! As I mentioned in my first post on this forum, I’m more familiar with Skethcup and am trying to learn Shapr3D, but am finding things not as “intuitive” as the app claims it is.
How in the world do I measure simple distances? I like the ease of use with the tape measure tool in SketchUp but I cannot figure out how to measure in Shapr3D.
I want to measure various lengths and widths of the following shape:

Any help on how to do this quickly is appreciated! Thanks so much!


With the Measurements tool on the left. Just select one or more objects to see the measurements.

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That’s right Seth. If you follow the lessons offered in Shapr3D (the option ‘Learn’) you will find the way to do it. I am doing that right now, I’m a newby. My first intention was: just start and try. Looking at the ‘learn’ lessons is more effective.
If you work with an Ipad (do you?) it will be easy to measure.
If you work with a Windows desktop and a mouse, it will be a bit more difficult. Especially measuring the distance between two objects.
It is not my intention to hijack this topic for my own goals. I’d like to read if you succeed in measuring.

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This is not what I’m trying to measure:

I’m trying to measure the length of the object and the height and width, individually

I’m trying to do the following for various distances:

Again I’m used to simply dragging the tape measure tool in sketchup and my points will just easily snap to where I want it and it shows me the measurement, but I just can’t seem to find how to do something similar here in shapr3d

That geometry is not “uncomplex” so to say…
I think we can’t find an easy solution for this in Shapr3D, yet.
But if you could show the shapr-team how it works(in SketchUp), they will consider enhancing the measure tool.
I don’t know Sketchup that good, but I can tell from my expierience from SolidWorks and other 3D-CAD-Software, that your task is not that easy, due to the fact that there are Splines involved.
With rule-based-geometry that would be way easier.
I like to give workarounds: You may draw a rectangle, make it tangent where possible (maybe its an good idea to fix all the other geometry first).
Apart from that, with your geometry given, I see no other / easier answer.
Cheers Matt

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This object is a spray tip for a paint sprayer. I figured I would try to design a small carrying case to hold several spray tips and then export an stl file so my friend can show me some 3D printing stuff. Being away from home at the moment I just grabbed a photo from the web and traced the shape of the spray tip using spline tools. Of course the image from the web is not the actual size of the spray tip so I thought I’d be able to easily see the dimensions of my drawing and make adjustments as needed. Apparently that isn’t going to happen, haha!
I’m still very new to Shapr3D app and I do like it, but it’s still very confusing and frustrating.

So after all your topic in this task is photogrammetry?
An app I use quiet often for re-engineering parts (when I can’t get any 3D-Data) is IC-Measure: Free Download: IC Measure - Manuelles On-Screen-Vermessen and Bildakquise
But after all you need to know at least one dimension of the part, so you can scale the image by the correct factor (but that applies to every solution I can think of).
If the task is to measure length and width of a picture Shapr is not the first solution that comes to my mind.
Cheers Matt

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