Mesh 3d modeling with Shapr3d

Will land surface mesh modeling be possible with Shapr3d?

Nobody has replied. Surface mesh modeling is not possible eith Shapr3d. But it would be great if surface mesh modeling could be done.

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Well, that would make Shapr3d something it does not want to be. Its a 3d-Cad, no free form modelling tool.
Maybe Z-Brush, Sculptris or Blender (its actually for free and very mighty) is the right tool for your demands.

Cheers Matt


Thanks for the suggestion Matt. I draw with ipadpro. With Shapr3d, it is easy and enjoyable to calculate the amount of materials such as concrete brick plaster to be used in the construction of a small building. Excavation and filling calculation is difficult with Shapr3d . This is because simple terrain modeling cannot be done. Shapr3d is very useful. The only missing point in my opinion is that it does not allow simple terrain modelling.

I like this question but Iā€™m seeing the topic of construction calcs and reading a response for artist modeling software as the solution. When you say terrain modeling were you thinking more along the lines of creating some type of topographical lines from imported mesh data?

Yes. Your point is correct. Consider a terrain model with different heights. For example, you measured the height differences with 1m intervals. You also know the land boundaries and dimensions. It is impossible to model this terrain surface with Shapr3d. Therefore, you cannot calculate the building excavation volume.