Midpoint of line

I need help on how to drag the line thru its midpoint. Is there any way i can adjust the setting of osnap so i can select the object thru midpoint?

Hi - there is no feature like that as of now. What I usually do is position my sketch quite precisely, and calculate it for myself. There is no workaround for that, but the pain can be eased with thinking ahead before you start sketching.

With that said, we have a more sophisticated osnap like functionality on our roadmap.

Thanks for your reply, i would like to subscribe to pro but i think there should be some adjustment to be made in the apps. It is easy to extrude 3d in your app but the problem i encounter compare to autocad is the object snap. I will just wait for the update on the app.

Hey- thanks for the consideration. I can send you an invite to the 3.0 beta if you are interested. The object snap has not changed, but maybe some other new features you will like. :slight_smile:

Good! ASAP I hope :slight_smile: That’s the feature I miss the most. Osnaps would make modelling so much easier…