Mirror tool behavior

Hi there,

if i mirror my design for an example the half front from a eyeware to combine it to the full front and i make any adjustments of one side it will effect the other site to. But this makes it impossible for me to do asymmetric design. Is there a way or a plan that we can choose to create a second independent history tree if we use the mirror tool?

To understand i have to make adjustments on the nosepad shape off glasses. In this case i could never create a good fit because the adjustment effects to both sites.

Hope you have a plan.

similar topic, this is a popular request:


Hope we got this feature

I don’t have Shapr3D in front of me right now, but what if you export half of your glasses frame in the native Shapr3D format and then import it back into your project?

Thanks for your idea. Sounds good and i will try it if it works.