Mirroring no longer mirrors complex shapes

Prior to the addition of text I could mirror along an axis and it was perfect. Now if I mirror seemingly simple shape, I.e., a rectangle, it works perfect. If I do an object that has any radius, etc. it either explodes or is set down and to the left and unraveled. Is there a fix for this? I am having to copy and move a piece and rotate it 180 degrees which requires several more steps and therefore time.

I also noticed that a lot of my objects can no longer be copied and moved, it will drag to where I want it and then it snaps back and tells me that constraints could not be solved. This was never an issue for me until after text came into the program.

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Having the same problem In mirroring after the update.

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Hey! This is a bug in this version, the fix will be released within one or two weeks with 5.40. Until that the workaround is to select the sketches and disconnect them before mirroring.