Help with Mirroring

I’m unable to properly mirror a simple closed-sketch prior to extruding. Every time I go into transform/mirror this shape it doesn’t mirror like the icon suggests. Instead, it flips my sketch upside down @ 180 deg. How do I get a true mirror? See pics. Thanks! PNG

they won’t let me post more than one pic (hence the one pic). Haven’t figured out how to record video of my iPad while working in Shapr3D.

Simple closed asymmetric sketch. Want to duplicate it, mirror it. Any links that can show how various mirroring commands work would be great. Here’s another pic: on the left, that’s my goal. I want a mirrored sketch to extrude on the right. Super easy. But mirroring flips it upside down as depicted in the opPNG

Thanks, that’s exactly what I’m trying to accomplish…Going to create a new drawing and try again.

Will mirroring work regardless of location on X,Y & Z planes?

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I was able to successfully replicate the steps in your video and mirror the closed sketch successfully. But once i went back to the drawing that was giving me problems, it mirrored upside down again. I moved the objects around in the space, and it still mirrored inverted. Is there something in the presets that might cause this?

Ok thanks for the help. Much appreciated

Why don’t you extrude first and then try to mirror the solid object? That way you can be more sure of your mirroring axis… Also, try hiding the solid so you can better see what is happening… Hope this helps.




Good idea, I’ll definitely try this method. I really haven’t thought of mirroring the actual object esp. since I’m aiming toward precise symmetry. The screw-top water bottle how-to lesson illustrated the use of optimally balanced extrusions via closed sketches, so I suppose I was assuming the software encouraged this procedure as a more structured/easier step-approach with better reference points later on…? (I’m really green here, I suppose there’s more than one flexible & non-destructive approach that works. Thanks again)

I’m still having a really difficult time with Mirroring… I want to mirror horizontally, a very simple closed sketch, but the result is ANYTHING EXCEPT where I need that object mirrored. It’s like the software just decides against my specific input of the reflection plane. This is super frustrating. What’s the deal with this? Do I need to be a Pro user to get mirroring to work?image

Works for me…


I mirrored twice from START, first around vertical axis getting RESULT then from RESULT around horizontal axis getting RESULT2.

Hope this helps…



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Ok what is the problem then?

I’ve done exactly this several times and it doesn’t mirror. Not working. It flips it or reflects off a line I kept the pencil miles away from. I don’t know. Just not working I guess. It’s not my fault unless there’s settings that need to be switched on in my copy

Are you saying that you can’t duplicate my RESULT2?

Nope. Unable to mirror successfully. Once I record a video of what’s occurring, I’ll update.

Perhaps reload your program … maybe something didn’t download properly? :crazy_face:

So new users are not allowed to upload attachments, i.e. video. So I guess I get to describe it…

I think the problem is a result of attempting to mirror a triangle. A triangle at 1/3 points can’t mirror on an axis horizontally…or can it? Because I think* that’s my issue here…

Your example is not a triangle … you have 4 sides drawn with your example?

Correct the first example wasn’t even a triangle. Total head scratcher. Going to email Shapr3D support…

You’ll get it worked out… :+1:t2::sunglasses:

First mirrored triangle on left to right using vertical line. Then mirrored about triangle leg.


Hope this helps…



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…Pretty frustrating new users have to write essays for help and can’t upload vids or more than 1 pic. Of all users and future paying costumers, it’s in dev’s best interest to shore up beginners and minimize them getting thrown for a loop. This kind of forum policy will just prolong upgrading to a pro account…and at worst discourage users who’ll just migrate elsewhere

Thanks for the advice from people here who chimed in