Mistakes, scale and area of work


First of all I can’t attach my model cause the app doesn’t allow me to do it

I just did my first model on the app. I send it to the lab to print it but they told me there are some mistakes, it is not scaled and it is not on the area of work

Can you help me to be able to print it?

Hope you can answer me as soon as possible it’s a very important work for the university.


So to scale you’ll want to go to Transform -> Scale -> And you can select the object and scale it up and done using that Transform tool. How much you want to scale it is obviously dependent on the size you made it initially. You’ll want to figure out how long/wide/tall you made it by clicking either a line edge or using the dimension tool. Then just scale to what’s printable. By “Area of Work” I’m gonna assume they’re just saying their printers bed is only so big so you can only print something so large. Like my printer can personally only print 200x200x220mm shapes. You’ll need to know how large of shapes they can print and then scale it to within those dimensions.

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You could place your Model on Dropbox or similar platform and post the appropriate Link to enable the Forum to view your Model and offer appropriate help.

Was my comment unhelpful lol? I know I’m not an employee or anything but I hope it was okay for me to try to give advice.

Not sure if:

was directed to me?

Assuming it was directed to me, my information as an ordinary Member like you, is that anyone can Post. There are Guidelines to be observed and clearly helpful and useful information is appreciated.

My objective suggesting Uploading to Dro…etc. was to get further help for @Sofia071001, if needed, quickly and efficiently especially given the apparent urgency of the situation for the OP.

Sorry, didn’t know if you were a regular member or not. I mostly read these from my email and am not good at differentiating between users and people who work here (who I know also help frequently). But that was a smart move to ask for an upload of the sketch to help. Would be useful as long as the user is comfortable sharing it.

You have not caused any problem so there is no need to apologise, it is great to see new folk trying to help.
Not wishing to double post [I have said this in other Posts] I always attempt to resolve every problem raised in the Forum, it is a great way to improve skills.
On this occasion my knowledge is inadequate because I do not have any need or interest directly in 3D Printing, although hoping to make contact with a 3D Printer User interested in Printing Screw Threads.
Because the OP mentioned an inability to Post the Model it was assumed that this is likely due to running the Free Version of S3D. While Pro Version Users can send Models to the S3D Team for investigation the understanding is the eMail Support is limited to Pro Users. However by the the OP wishing to Post the Model it seemed likely that the alternative may be acceptable, simply a choice for the OP to make?

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