Scale/size issue with printing model


I just tried to make a 3d print of a simple model (basically a simple ring) .

I think the ring was about 50mm in Shapr3d, but when I exported it to STL (into Simplify3d), it became HUGE! like … twice as big as i expected.

Am I missing something? Do I need to do something to keep the scale accurate?

Thank you for any help!!


SOLUTION: Why did my STL file change units? – Shapr3D Help Desk

I use Simplify3D to import STL’s from Shapr3D. When you did the export from Shapr3D, were the Units set to Millimeters?


Thanks Mike - It’s a great workaround to export the model in Milimeters and also have the same unit set in 3d printing Slicer application. You can then easily resize the model in the slicer app before printing.


Thank youfor your reply!

As far as I can tell, both programs are set to mm . I use MM in Shapr3d … is there a setting to make it export in mm ?

Does anyone know if there is a setting in Simplfy 3d, to import it as mm ??

Again, thank you for any help!!


Hi - according to this thread, you can set in your preferences:

When you export in STL, just make sure you use the same units across your workflow, as STL doesn’t contain units


I do also have the same issue, i am using the FlashPrint.
Have you managed to resolve the units issue.

Thank you.

Hey Mohan,

not sure if @Mikewinters617’s case was resolved - but please make sure you have both your slicer and Shapr3D set up with the same unit (e.g.both in mm)

Thank you for your quick reply!
I Did check both are configured for mm.

Hi Did get in touch with the printer company they claim the issue is with the modal file :slight_smile: I am not sure what to do now. Else can you suggest any other slicer you recommend which works well Shaper3D

Thanks for your help in Advance

Can you please send us the workspace (.shapr) - would love to take a look

Sure… But i am not able to upload , as your system says new user cannot upload.

Oh, I see - please send it to

Done it is called Circle.shaper

Got it - will be looking at the problem now - might take a few hours

Sure… Thank you very much.
Also please let me know on the alternatives as well

I exported the file in STL (mm) and opened it in CURA, and see the expected result. Cylinder, with a 40mm radius, 5mm high with 15.99mm radius hole in the middle. Can you post a pic of what you see in Flashprint?

Hello - this is what I see

Can you please send a video of your export flow - seems to work on my side.

Has this been resolved? I printed a very similar object and the radius of the hole is 11mm which should result in 22 diameter but when printed it is 21,40. 0,6 difference is quite a lot. The outer diameter is also smaller but not that much