Modelling question — Blender user

I’m scratching my head to model this in Blender :slight_smile: can get the roundness, but the tail is a huge problem for me. From round to flat?

I thought I should try to model it in Shapr, but no idea how to approach it. Help please :slight_smile:

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So you want a round tail? So something like this?

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Thanks! But not exactly. The front of the wood bird is round, but the tail as you can see from the image goes flat. I don’t know how I can explain more with words, but here are more images for reference. I think this image shows in more detail.

Quick and dirty but does this help? My Shapr is unstable this morning. Now to figure out why :unamused:

So you can see I made a trapezoid to cut from the tail. Do the same for the bottom of the tail. Use the mirror function to duplicate the trapezoid.

My mirror function and trim functions weren’t working this morning and I need to get to work so no time to fix it now.