Models disappeared

after a probleme with the app I uninstalled and reinstall, all the Models are disappeared after downloading the app with latest update
thanks for your help.

That is the normal and expected behavior. Shapr3D does not store the models separate from the app unless you export them. This is being used for lock-in and to encourage upgrading to a more expensive subscription. But all it really does is cause people like you to lose their work. I like the app and they are making great progress, but the money people need to take a few steps back and get out of design decisions. If the done correct things like this and ad some functions that it is shameful to be missing on a “professional” program that is supposed to be compare to Fusion360 and higher end programs. It’s like the investors won’t let them include certain functions and abilities until they hit certain benchmarks in sales and subscriptions.

That’s certainly not the reason behind this behavior. Simply this is how apps work on iPadOS and we inherited this behavior on macOS. Even if you upgrade to Business we won’t back up your files. We did not implement iCloud sync because that would not allow us in the future to sync between Windows and Apple devices. We are actively working on our sync and backup solution.

Next time I won’t let our head of finance in to our weekly design review, I will just put some garlic on the door. 🧛🏻‍♂ :garlic: :no_good_man: