I don’t find my previous designs after reinstalling the app

Hi everyone! I need your help regarding accessing my previous work.
I’ve used Shapr earlier in spring 2021 using a paid subscription. I had a monthly subscription plan which I ended inthe summer.
I’ve created several models back then and now I need to continue working on them.

I’ve reapplied to Standard subscription, monthly plan. But I did so while the application was opened so it didn’t refresh the permissions. So I restarted my IPad but didn’t do the trick. So I backed-up Shapr3D on ICloud (made sure that Shapr did upload to cloud) and then I reinstalled it.
Now NONE of my work is available any more, like the back-up is ignore entirely.

Can you advise how can I regain access to my work? It’s hundreds of hours of work and I need to continue working on some models.

I am very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately you’ve lost your designs. Shapr3D is not a cloud app, and at the moment we are not uploading your designs to the cloud. Cloud based sync is coming this year, but if you deleted the app in March then your designs are lost.

Hello Istvan, thank you for responding. Before giving up the models I just what to add a few more info.
I haven’t deleted the app until this morning, I’ve just did used it for the past 4 months. What I did this morning was to restart Standard subscription but I did that with Shapr running (and one of the designs loaded in the scene).
When I saw that the app didn’t refreshed the permissions and my designs still appeared to be locked I tried to start the app and then IPad but nothing changed, the designs were still locked.
So I enabled Shapr back-up to ICloud and refreshed the back-up. I verified about 200 MB were moved to ICloud by Shapr (those are still there). Then I reinstalled the app.
So I was hopping after reinstall to regain access to my designs made in the spring but now they didn’t appear at all, not even locked.
Please tell me if there is no chance to retrive that data from Shapr back-up on ICloud.
Thank you!

I believe you can restore your iPad from the iCloud backup which might bring back your designs.

I’ve just did that, indeed it seems like all designs are lost. Thank you anyway.
Yeah, a few months of work, for a glitch………

I’m very sorry to hear that.


That is frustrating.

Just a thought from your description of ‘reinstalling the app’, did you just reinstall the app or did you do a full iCloud backup reinstall?

I don’t think you can do individual reinstalls from the iCloud back up. You have to a full reinstall of the whole backup from iCloud. I haven’t done it for a while but think you need to do a reset of the ipad and then it will prompt you do set up from the current backup.

Be careful though not to do another back up first otherwise that will override the current backup which includes your Shapr data.

Think that’s right (unless anybody can be clearer).

Good luck!