Mold / impression

I am trying to create a mold from a design I made… how do I take an impression out of a rectangle block?

You create your design, place it within your “mold” and subtract your design. Then split the “mold”. You now have two halves of your mold.


Hi… thanks for the response… I have watched the video several times and I am still struggling to recreate for my project. I have a l shaped 3 dimensional object that I am trying to mold. Maybe you have another video suggestion? I have looked online but have found nothing close

@K1llatrav Have you tried moving your design into a cube and using the subtract tool?

Put the part you want to copy inside the “mold” body. Use the Subtract Tool to remove the shape from the mold. Here is a vide to demonstrate it. Blue is the part to be copied and red is the mold.

I hope that helps

Here’s an example of creating a core and cavity mold of a simple tray. Both core and cavity are 3" away from the tray. I made them semi transparent for this demonstration. The top of the tray is the parting line.

First, move the cavity to the parting line and subtract the tray. Delete that portion from inside the tray. Next, extend the core so that when it is moved 3" to meet the parting line, it is fully embedded in the cavity. Subtract the cavity from the core then subtract the tray from the core.

(Note: Instead of deleting that inner portion inside the tray, I could have left it there and after subtracting the cavity from the core, I could have done a union of the core and that portion.)

Let me know if any questions.


Thank you very much now I get it!