Need help creating a male & female plug for a mold

I’m currently working on a F5K electric powered remote control glider and need some help creating a mold from my shapr3d designed canopy and hatch, two seperate items which i have attached pictures and to show the complexity mainly due to the curvature of the objects.
So the idea is to subtract the canopy for example from two halves and essentially create two plug halves (male & female) in order for me to reproduce a carbon piece from my 3D printed plug.
I haven’t really found any information on the internet using shapr3d on how to do this?

Any help here would be good please :slight_smile:

I would start by making a body that is a ‘block’ slightly larger than the part itself. Then move the part into the block and use the subtract tool to remove that part from the block. You should be left with a negative of the geometry to the part which would be your mold. I’ve used this method in Shapr3d for items as large as 30’ boat molds.

That block could be machined out of a material of your choosing.

However, looking at your part and without knowing the full dimensions or end goal, I’d consider just 3D printing the part.

Good luck!

My objective here is to eventually make the part from carbon fibre because it is lighter and yes it does 3D print but its not what I’m after. The principle you have describe would work with a boat hull using the subtract method, but unfortunately doesn’t apply for what I have described and once again we need to produce a casting plug from two halves to produce this canopy.
Here is an example of a silicon mold I have created and the end result. Basically I’m trying to recreate this type of mold using a 3d print and my canopy is the subject.

This might help.

Thank you TigerMike, you demonstrated exactly what I was after and the video was very helpful, this gives me something to work with!
Thank you once again :slightly_smiling_face: