More date in STL file suggestion

I reinstalled iOS o my iPad Pro 12.9”. In doing so lost all my work files. I fund one stl file that I exported to my Lenovo notebook. Great. This is the main file I needed. With the beta version I can import the file. But I still can only do limited options on the file. For example I can only select two haves of the part. This doesn’t give me must leeway in resizing my part.
First is there a way to correct this in Shapr3D. If no, can you build in exporting more meta data in the stl file so if one has to import it again all objects within said part are selectable resizable, editable etc. just like the regular saved files. I am not sure if something like this would work but it would sure help a lot.


Hi John,

you can do booleans now - please update to the latest version. This said the problem here is not the amount of data, but the different quality of it. STL is a mesh file, while Shapr3D is a solid modeler. You can create meshes from solids, but combining mesh with solid modeling, so it is a two way street is much harder, and it it not on our imminent roadmap.