Motorcycle models


So I thought I’d post my first model done in Shapr 3D. It was a fun way of learning how to use it having watched a few tutorials first. I’ve got more models to post soon and one nearly finished.
Anyone else got bikes or cars they can post?


Great job, well done!!! :+1:t2::+1:t2::sunglasses:

Thanks. This second one is almost finished, and a version with cast wheels in case I ever get a 3D print of it.


very cool!! congratulations!

I’ve been working on this Moto Guzzi one recently too. I had to simplify it somewhat but It seems done finally. I think I’ll try something easier next though, it all became too complex.


Very nice work! Thanks for sharing…



@Little_Rock Awesome job! I’m thinking of trying to design a reverse trike with Shapr3d and your pics are great motivation!

Great Work! Do you have a chance to prepare a modeling video? Because I want to design a bike but I am struggling with sweep function.

Hey - how do you struggle with sweep, can you show a video of the problem?

Here are a couple of videos, without voice, showing a bicycle modeling process


Hey thank you so much Daniel! I will watch the videos and also I will record a video about the problem that I couldn’t understand.

Thanks a lot!

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