Sport bike


Damn man I’ve been following your work lately and it’s pretty amazing. Do you use CAD for a living? Would you make tutorials online to teach us?
Keep the good work.

Appreciate you showing us these, good work. A video tutorial on some of your work would be very interesting.

Thank you so much! In my profession, I hardly use CAD, it’s more of a hobby. I’ll think about how to organize a couple of tutorial videos, there’s not much time for this, can you have any requests?

Thank you for your feedback! What kind tutorial would you like?
I will do my best :slight_smile:

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It’s up to you man. It would be to see the different steps that take you to the final product. Coming from Sketchup it is hard for me to anticipate in Shapr3d (thinking in 2d to create 3d). Also if I ask you, for example, the 10 biggest issues you met using the program (when you had to pause everything and spend hours trying and looking for an answer on internet) what would they be? Your time is precious, I understand and respect that, maybe tutorials about problem’s resolutions to create a specific solid or else, instead of an entire 2 hours tutorial to create a plane. Here are some ideas, but at the end make sure you have fun to do so. I’m sure you could get popular creating learning content on youtube with your level. Damn ask the shapr3d team if they don’t have a job for you :grin:
Thank you in advance anyway, you are a real source of inspiration.

Hi man.
Is the video interesting to you in this format?
Propeller screw - #3 by Antey85

Like this?
It could be interesting to you in this format?
Propeller screw - #3 by Antey85