Mouse and keyboard not recognised

I’m trying to use shapr3D on my iPad with a keyboard and mouse but the app doesn’t recognise them.
The keyboard and mouse work perfectly fine throughout all the other apps and the iPad itself, but shapr3D doesn’t seem to be happy about them.
When I’m asked by the app what would I like to use (apple pencil / mouse & keyboard / trackpack & keyboard) I click on mouse&keyboard, then it asks me to click on my mouse, and when I do nothing happens. Same with the keyboard, the app asks me to press esc and I do so but again, nothing.
As I said, the devices are working perfectly fine on the iPad, it’s just with this particular app that they don’t.
Any help?


Yes, have had the same issue. Try without clicking when asked, i.e. by pass this step. Also make sure your bluetooth works correctly and is hooked up accordingly, which seems you have already done.
I use a bluetooth keyboard and a track pad on my iPad mini.