SpaceMouse Support

The desktop version of Shapr3D lacks the manipulation capabilities that make the iPadOS version so good. Support for 3DConnexion devices would overcome that problem and would make the application much more accessible for a wider range of users. I still revert to SolidWorks for the majority of projects simply because manipulation of Shapr3D on a desktop machine is so alkward.

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@chrisbeale we are already working on support for SpaceMouse, it’s coming soon.


Thanks, that’s great news!

How about spacemouse + iPad usb connection? ;D. I work 5-8 hours in shapr sometimes and my fingers wanna fall off from pinching haha :smiley:

Interesting idea, I’m not sure if we will do that or not, but I’ll give it a try once we’ve integrated their framework into our app.

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Using Shapr with mouse and keyboard on iPad is much less popular than the touch+stylus combo. I would assume that spacemouse on iPad would be… even less popular :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s probably very specific of a change for probably just me lol. If not that, is there another way to pan,zoom,rotate or just fingers for now?. For the record I think the workflow is perfect, but over a few hours and I get painful hands from the position it’s less comfortable when you go over a couple of hours with claw shaped pinching hands :smiley:

Would be cool to be able to use a Wacom remote or another quick assignable macro type button device to trigger operations.

Have you tried it with a mouse or trackpad?

I have not actually I generally don’t love trackpads, but would a trackball mouse work?, or is it just the apple keyboard accessory , apple mouse that works?.

Any mouse that you can connect to the iPad. Most bluetooth mice work.

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Oh awesome!, you guys rock!!

@chrisbeale SpaceMouse support is now out with version 4.7.1: