Move spline control point in more than 2 axis

I am adding a cable to the front of a vehicle and using a spline to lay this out. But I’m only able to move the control points in 2 axis. This means I can’t follow the shape of the vehicle. I’m fairly new to the software so maybe I have something locked or an axis turned off? I’d appreciate any help with this. Thanks.

Hi @ttnova Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:

I have been looking for a solution to a similar situation.
Sketches can only be placed on a Plane. The Splines shown are two separate Splines.
To achieve the result desired would, from this ScreenShot, seem to suggest that the Spline would have to be suspended in mid air, but of course there are no means available to achive a result:

Tools > Sweep looks like this:

Attempting this when the Planes are at 90º to one another seems to reject the second Spline being created [?] all I can say is that it was attempted several times and failed.

To transition between the two 45º Planes it seems that a few+ acute angled planes would be necessary. That does not seem practical.
The Team will hopefully jump in on this with an official answer.

A possible alternative to this problem if the ‘vehicle’ has a Body or Bodies that can be utilised in the manner shown:

Add > Construction Plane above the Body and Sketch the path of the ‘cable’ when looking directly downward:

Use Tools > Project

Happy S3Ding :+1:

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[Gelphyn] thanks for the reply and spending time thinking about this. I really appreciate it. The projection method is a great idea. I’ll give that a try.

But still hoping there’s a way to manipulate the spline points in three axis. I do this often in 3ds Max and it’s great for cable, wires, etc. But can’t use Max on my Ipad sitting on the couch :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Glad to hear you are giving it a try.
In my project there are nil Bodies to accept the Projection.

I ended up making the cable out of pieces. The result is a little stiff but I think with practice I’ll get better with this method. FWIW I couldn’t get anything good with the projection. Maybe I’ll experiment more with that. Thanks again for the help.

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I have tried with a rough replication of the Body to accept the Projection.
Hopefully it is not too far removed from the actual assembly you have shown?

The Projection failed to appear on the four Faces
The ‘rounded’ Face was the only one to accept the Projection as expected.
The others aligned a copy of the Sketch with the angle of the Face but offset from the Face.
Several attempts to treat each of the four Faces individually, in pairs and all together ultimately caused S3D to Crash.
The File has been Uploaded for investigation.
Hopefully we will get a result.

I understand that the S3D Team are working on this problem.
This is a workaround for the current inability to properly handle flat angled faces.
Note: This is using the Body simulating the actual Assembly in:

Use the Assembly of Components to capture the needed Profile by Selection of the Edges or the whole set of Bodies by Projecting onto a Plane [Below Left]:

Hide the Bodies and use Add > Construction Plane from the Plane carrying the Profile, ensuring that the CP is Offset [Above Right]
Double Tap with a Finger on the CP, this should result in a square on view with the Profile showing behind:

In the above the Straight Lines were drawn and the Spline used to form a Closed Shape needed to form the Body.
Sketch > Spline was used to create a close match for the Profile in this ScreenShot, resulting in the ‘Cable’ being ‘broken’ at the join of the two upper faces:

In this ScreenShot the Spline was very slightly modified to smooth the offending angle change, and the ‘Cable’ remained intact:

This is the shapr. File if you wish to review the result in detail:

BodyFromSpline.shapr (264 KB)

If this result is considered satisfactory the ‘dummy’ Body is hidden and replaced with the actual Assembly.

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The Update to S3D 3.32 has enabled this to function on the original ‘dummy’ Body.
It may be worth trying it with the actual Assembly?

Watch this for any further progress:

The Projection worked well but when attempting to Tools > Sweep the result of the ‘Cable’ is created as separate portions.
The Sweep used on the actual Assembly may produce the desired result because it does not have the impediment of the topmost Angle:

Courtesy of @Daniel_Shapr3D who has pointed to:

Using this MO produced:

It still has the Joint Line but looks much better.
Although, for now, my money is on using the dummy Body MO.