Moving spline points on Z plane?

Hi - does anyone know if there are plans to add the capability of moving individual points on splines/curves along the z plane? Seems like a major design barrier.


Hi, not in the near. How would you use this feature?

Hi Istvan! You should check how You can work with splines in Solidworks. In my opinion that should be an example for Your team. If You provide us such a powerfull tool I will love Your app much more :nerd_face:.

I think for now it’s very hard to design for example car body in Shapr3D. I’m going to start my old car restoration this year. I will be using Shapr3D for that. I hold You by the word :wink: that this year some surface modeling tools will appear in the app interface .
3D splines that were mentioned by @abby.peits combined with surface tools will allow us to create every complex shape we imagine without hours of tinkering with boolean operations which we have to use right now for that - especially when we don’t have the ability to fully control the way the body goes through the profiles in loft or swipe tools.


Hi, I know how 3d splines work in legacy CAD systems, but I would love to understand how our users would like to use them.

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Me too.
We can already create a 3d line to use a path or edge etc by subtraction or projection onto the side of an object shaped on a different axis.
But I’ve always been curious about the maths behind spline usage if there’s more to it…

Hello @Istvan
That’s an easy question
Combined with sweep tool to create complex symmetrical shapes.

Loft tool is great but it’s hard to predict the path will it take.

That, and lining up sketches is such a pain. :sweat_smile:

:relieved: so please my friend show me how You create more advanced shapes for example something like that presented in this video?

I have no idea how to achieve it in Shapr3d in a reasonable time. I saw one of the Shapr3d promo with LandRover EV but let’s be honest - that cars are rolling cubes - no complex shapes.

I couldn’t find anything about it on Youtube. One guy started such a project but he didn’t finish it. I can imagine why :smirk: (lack of 3d splines and surfaces options) check it out here

I can show how to make a curved line that changes it’s path on three axes. But I’ll bet you know that already, but please see below - it’s what’s in my head anyway.

I’ve never used Solidworks so I’m not sure how you would use the splines to create the solid bodies you show in the YouTube video, and therefore I don’t know if this is a slow (or even useless) way.

I’d be very interested to know how a 3D spline would be used differently to this. I’ve never really got to grips with them.

@Istvan 3D Splines and better control of loft components, control of sweep object orientation along 2D or 3D paths would be great. Here is a simple path I had issues with, first try, found it to be a cumbersome, made some improvements on my latest model but it sure was painfull.

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It would be nice to sweep bodies to them?

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Incidentally, as has been said, the blue line can be used to sweep a section along it too.

Hi @Istvan , thanks for replying. I’m using Shapr3D for jewelry and sculpture design. I would use the feature of adjusting individual spline points along the z axis to create more organic movement in my designs. You can see an example in the images I’ve attached. Right now, the curvy red sweep was made from a curvy spline on a flat plane. If I could adjust some points along the z axis, I could create a more complex piece where the red curve hugs the pink oval piece in some places, and creates a more visually interesting piece. Does that makes sense?

@Spacjamen - yes you get what I’m saying! :slight_smile:

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From what I Can tell, the blue line is still made up of points on one plane (x, y movement only).

Wow, You put a lot of effort to that graphic. I apriciate that. Yes, I knew the method You explained. I have been using it because I had to :pleading_face: . The biggest project I did with our app took me two weeks. With my dream tools I would finish it maybe in a week or faster… and I’m not even starting with my car project for now :sweat_smile:.

If @Istvan and his team give us the tools we are asking for we will show You it’s applications :innocent: , won’t we @abby.peits ? Shapr3D already has became a gamechanger but in my humble opinion adding surfaces operations and 3D splines would be checkmate for Shapr3D’s competition :chess_pawn: .


Hi @abby.peits
Here’s a vid…
I have to produce a line for the centre of a non circular wreathed handrail in my work (among other things). There’s always a 3D line in there somewhere. That’s how I learned the technique.

Here’s a more complex example.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for that.
I’d like to get to grips with 3D splines too. From what you say it looks like they’d save me time too - especially if they can be completely controlled.

So to you and @abby.peits 3d splines have my vote, but at least there’s a temporary workaround if the jobs not too complex.


Yesss absolutely!

@Istvan :pray: :crossed_fingers:

Woah, very interesting @milouchien, thank you for sharing this! I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how to achieve this myself, but I’ll definitely give it a try.

Im interested in how you have managed to sweep these corners round the corner and down to a different level and still keep the top of the section horizontal as it goes round. When I sweep this way there’s always a slight lean away from the original swept section as below.

@Istvan It would be nice to be able to control the rotation of swept sections; at least as to whether they are allowed to rotate or not as they sweep. In other words can we have an option so the top of the swept section always stays at the top while the section remains perpendicular to the line?

Just a wild example:


@milouchien This is still
a work in progress, I did a helical revolve of my profile then cut it into four segments and started joining them one by one using align. I still need to figure out the proper lengths of each helical segment to have each end meet at the proper plane and proper profile angle. Then I tried to add a round fillet between each segment, on some I could do it on others no luck, I gave up for now but I will keep trying. I have not tested bringing in a 3D spline from AutoCAD.