Multi part design

Is there a link or tutorial that will guide me through the process of multi-part design? Thanks.

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What do you mean by multi part design?

An assembly

Hello! Currently, assembly features are not available in Shapr3D. You can create multibody models in place or align them later, but the regular assembly mates/joints/constraints cannot be added

Thanks…any particular link or video that will guide me through this?

Maybe this will get you going on Folders

Drawing can be reused for things. The drawing is not tied directly to the body. The circle you drew to make the hole in a bracket can be reused to make a shaft going through the hole. Build on that idea.

Will the shaft thus built be treated as a new part independent of the bracket or be a body feature of the bracket? I am a newbee and hence this fundamental question.


These are the simple drawings I used to creat both parts. The circle reused to make the shaft

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You can used the “move” tool to reposition and copy drawings elements where you need them

The same circle made the hole and shaft

Great guidance to get off the block…thanks a ton.

It started with a rectangle, then a block. Subtract a bit and extrude a bit. Happy Shapring and glad it helped. :upside_down_face: