Must watch tutorial before using Windows app?

Hi. I’ve been using Shapr3D on my iPad Pro for a couple of years now. I’m just now trying to use the Windows app and it will not let me skip the initial tutorial? That’s quite inconvenient.

I’ve looked all over and do not see a way to get out of it. What am I missing?


Did you log in on the welcome screen with the same account you have been using on the iPad?

Yes. It still makes me go through the 6 minute tutorial.

Another issue on Windows…after getting through the tutorial I’ve designed a drawing. Trying to export to any format, including .shapr, crashes Shapr3D.

I love Shapr3D for the iPad but I’m having a bit of trouble with the Windows app.

Hey @ernie2.0,
Please open a support ticket using the link below and send us the following:

  • the detailed hardware and software specs of the device you are using
  • the version number of Shapr3D you are using
  • the Shapr3D design you have the problem with


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