Windows "Get Started" setup every time I start on PC?

Every time I start Shapr3D on Windows it brings up the “Get Started” setup tutorial (2 different computers). I have a subscription and have used the Windows version in the past already but can’t put in my login info because the Get Started tutorial takes over each time. Today I’ve gone through the setup multiple times already and when finished the software just shuts down. When I open it again I see the designs page for 5 seconds then the setup tutorial takes over again. This sucks but luckily I still have Fusion 360 to finish my day’s project.

What am I doing wrong and why can’t I just start the desktop version and login like every other software I use?

Hi @crown, if you sign in on the first screen instead of pressing the start tutorial button, the tutorial will be skipped. I’m sorry to hear about the crash, we’ll investigate it.

Hey @crown,
Could you please open a support ticket providing further data (subscripted email address, app version) for the investigation? :pray:

Thanks Istban but when I start Shapr3D on Windows the get started tutorial page is the only screen I get with no obvious place to sign in. I understand the first time running you have to go through the tutorial but I have done that in full multiple times on 2 computers with no love. A few months ago I was using it without this issue.

I am also having this problem only its worse, it randomly triggers in the middle of using the application. Windows 10. Just suddenly reloads and forces tutorial. Not having a skip button which has been requested is pretty dumb now. Downtime costs money and I’ve already been on the fence due to the poor performance even on high end PC hardware. Then there’s the abursd path limitation that forces me to save my files step exports for our equipment no more than 2 directories deep.

Update, also cloud syncing is not working. I attempted to use my ipad to work on my design but its not updated in the cloud.

Hey there! We are working hard to resolve the issue in the fastest way possible. Thank you for your patience and your help in this so far, I’ll bump this thread as soon as an update is available. :pray:

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Hello everyone! :raised_hands:

We have issued a fix for the above problem, so anyone who is affected, please make sure to update Shapr3D on your Windows machine to version 5.393. Here’s a short how-to article, should you need it.

Thank you for your patience, and happy modeling! :pray:

I’ve come back to it today and after doing the setup all seems to be working.
Thank you.

I’ve opened a support ticket for this one too, because this issue returned on version 5.400
No sync on windows 11 and falling back on the Get started page time and again and even worse, Export is not working.
Working with Peter to get this resolved.

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Well, this is fixed. Apparently not using S3D for some time, may cause these issues.
Export works, no more Get started pages and sync works.
I suggest that something is done to circumvent these problems or at least to flag to the user that a logout/login is required.

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I’m having the same issue, everytime I leave the app (e.g moving to the browser) it locks into the Getting started page and I have to click again. Any suggestions?
App version 5.471.5829.0

Have not used the Windows version for some time. It is updated to 5.500.6004.0. Locking onto “Getting Started” page with every attempt to open! Apparently this has been a problem for the last six months! FIX IT !!!

Hi @3d222,
Please open a support ticket and share what email address you are logged in to Shapr3D, we are here to help.