Naming Projects

Has anyone else observed the lack of a cursor when naming a project? I’ve updated to iOS 17.0.1 and have the latest Shapr3D version. When I go to name a project, the keyboard does not show up, unless I force it to. But even then, the blinking cursor is missing. I’ve shared with Support already, so I’m asking if anyone else has observed this? If so, how did you resolve it?

Thank you, McD

Hey McD,
I too do not get a blinking cursor when naming a project.
Unlike your experience, the keyboard does show up for me. I just took it off the Magic Keyboard to test if that makes a difference. (Shouldn’t matter but…). The cursor is missing in this case also.
Using current Beta 5.470.0.5817 #4944246c
iPadOS 17.0.1 (21A340)

Bob, wow! Thank you for sharing this. I’m not on Shapr3D beta either. So I’m curious if it’s 17.0.1? Perhaps there’s some setting the new iOS has, which has made my keyboard not pop up automatically. McD

Seems to be an iPadOS 17 issue, we are investigating if we can do something about it, or Apple has to fix it. There are newer versions rolling out, 17.0.2 is already released, and 17.1 is also coming soon, it might fix the problem, so I suggest keep updating the OS when a new version is available.

No cursor in 17.0.2 when creating name. There is a cursor when changing name. I will pay more attention in other apps for this issue, but it hasn’t annoyed me previously. A text box in the App Store to search does have the cursor.

More weird behavior. When exporting a 3mf file, the key combination ⌘A works only if nothing in the text field is selected. If something is selected, that key combination does not work, however the ⌘W combination does. (Both in standard and beta)

Hi Tom,
It looks like iPadOS 17.1 has improved this. The quirks for renaming projects seem to be gone. For new, “untitled projects” the cursor is still not visible when you go to that field.

When entering the name field on the projects/recents screen it looks like the behavior is to “select all,” and in the untitled projects, there is nothing to select.