Bug report: Renaming project from toolbar with Apple Pencil on iPad

I’ve just noticed the following bug/minor inconvenience when trying to rename the project in the top toolbar with the Apple pencil.

The observed flow goes something like…

  1. User taps project name, which invokes the text entry dialog.
  2. User is able to hand-write a new name, which is successfully converted to text.
  3. There is no obvious “submit” button, so user is left to tap somewhere else on the screen.
  4. User taps outside of the rename dialog, dialog closes but the name does not update.
  5. User must tap the name with finger to invoke on screen keyboard entry to rename.
  6. Pressing “Enter/Return” on the keyboard results in successful renaming of the project.

I may be missing something, but I’m not aware of a way to call the “Enter/Return” action with the pencil. If there is a way, please feel free to educate me.

Although this isn’t a show-stopper, it would be a smoother workflow and nice if the “Enter/Return” was invoked hand the name updated) when the user taps outside of the text entry dialog with the pencil, removing the requirement to invoke the on-screen keyboard.

Hopefully the linked video demonstrates what I’ve described above…

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Built-in OS standard being used for native input fields, but yes, we could do a better job, especially that you cover the right bottom area as a right-handed.

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Thanks for pointing this out @Zoli.

You’re correct. As a right-hander I didn’t spot this in the bottom corner.

I knew the keyboard controls pop-up appeared there, but never noticed the Return button with my hand covering the controls in this instance.