Renaming with Apple Pencil

I used to be able to rename items by writing with the Apple Pencil, however I’ve recently noticed this behaviour has changed.

Previously I could swipe an item with the Pencil, click the rename icon, then start handwriting to give the item a new name.

You can see in the video that now as soon as I try to handwrite to rename, the item text loses focus and the rename action ends. I then need to initiate the rename action again and bring up the on screen keyboard instead, slowing the workflow down.

I’m not sure if this is an iOS thing or a Shapr3D thing, but would love to know if a fix is available?

Im currently using iPad Pro 2018 with iOS 17.4.1 and the latest version of Shapr3D

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Rename issues have been corrected in the very last gamma version of the software (build 6787). This problem should be fixed in the next public release.


iOS 15.5, iPad Pro 10,5 inches, Shapr3D Version 5.590.0.6787
MacOS 14.4.1, Macbook Air M1/16GB, Spahr3D Version 5.590.0 (6787)


Hi, great to hear that this has been addressed.

Thanks for the update @PEC

My workaround🧐 was long press by finger on the item row, and click the rename in pop-up block.