Need Help Cannot Export a File

Hey Guys,
I have been working on a design for a while. After a few revisions and changing some things around that I didn’t like I noticed the file started getting a bit wonky. I could no longer chamfer or fillet edges on the main body. Then noticed some weird things with the coloring and just think there is an error somewhere in the file that I cannot fine. Anyways, i went to try and export it to see if a friend could fix it and it will nto export and i am stuck. trying to export it as a STEP file. Currently everytime I try and export it the file just spins forever. Any ideas what i could do or where/how to identify a problem?

Sorry to hear that. Can you by any chance use Parasolid (x_t) format for data exchange as a workaround?

I have seen the same behavior on STEP imports.
I run S3D on an old first generation 9.7 iPad Pro.
I have waited up to 45 mins and found that the import then finished correctly.
So I gathered that it is a matter of CPU capacity shortage, but in the end Given enough patience, it works.