Importing STEP fails


I am trying to import a STEP file (20MB) from Solidworks. I have successfully imported such files before.

This import fails at the stage “Transferring to Parasolid”. I have tried to import several times and waited up to 15 minutes for the import to complete. The program becomes unresponsive and I have to kill the app to try again.

The file comes from an agency that I am working with.

Can you suggest any reasons why this file is failing to import when others have?
Can you suggest any export settings the agency can change to make it import?

Thanks in advance

Hello, can you please try to transfer the files in the native Parasolid format: X_T? Shapr3D and Solidworks use Parasolid as the modeling engine, it should work with no problem to go with their common file format

If that does not work, please send the files to to let us take a look at it :slight_smile: