Need help for adding a Facatte on glasses

This my current State. I can Upload my file if it helps.

Hey, can YouTube please Continue helping me?

Can you please upload the Shapr3D project?

Sry, i deleted the file, becaus i got a new iPad and i thought my files changed Automatic on my new iPad. I have to create a new one. Is there a german support?

If you have not removed Shapr3D from the old iPad, the design will still be there and you can transfer it as a Shapr3D design to the new iPad :slight_smile:

At the moment we provide support in English. There are some members here who speak German, but English is a more common language for online communities and our official support channel also. Is there anything you miss from providing support in English?

The App on my old iPad is deleted :see_no_evil: i will Write again after I recreate ist

Hi, i am at the Same Problem. Ist is Not pssible for me to take the facette on the Lens. I Need help again :see_no_evil:

Ok, ist wirkend. Bit Inlay the Dirty method. I warnt the clean method, so i can make a 120degrees Triangel thx for helping