Fade form from one sketch/body to another?

Hi Shapr3d community.

I am new to the software, but I am loving it and the simplicity so far.

I am currently working on a design project for some glasses. I have some troubles to figure out how to make the front frame with all the bends and curves etc.

Is it possible to use one sketch for a starting point of a new body, and then a second sketch as the ending point of the new body?

See attached photo, as you can see I would like to transition the first design to the second design in one body. I hope it makes sense what I am trying to accomplish, otherwise ask away.

Thank you.

/ K

hi @bashma

Welcome to the forum.

The Loft tool is doing exactly what you ask for “use one sketch for a starting point of a new body, and then a second sketch as the ending point of the new body”, but I’m not certain it is what you really need at present.

From your screenshot, I guess you want to use the horizontal sketch to shape the glasses. The best solution is to extrude this sketch vertically and choose the intersect mode to intersect it with the existing body.

I suggest to have a look at


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Thank you for your reply. I have messed around with the loft tool. And it seems to do the trick on very basic shapes.

When I try to apply the loft tool on my two slightly different designs, I get the error “Operation failed because the resulting body wouldn’t be valid”. Anyone who can explain to me why this would not be a valid body, and what to fix before I can use this tool?

I have seen the tutorial thank you, but they do not adress this issue. Extrude and intersect works fine :+1:

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I think that’s because you have holes in bodies or sketches you’re trying to loft.
Try to make holes after loft.


Hi @Xdrakosha

Thank you very much for taking your time to record this. This basicly solved my issue and I can now use the loft tool. :+1:

This resulted in a new problem where I cannot use the chamfer/fillet tool on all edges to make them smooth/round.

Anyone who can explain to what in the design that restrict this tool from working or any other “manual” techniques which can be applied to reach the same goal for softer/rounder edges?

Maybe it is because the edges dont go 360 decrees around the frame in a complete loop?

Try to zoom in more before doing filet/chamfer

It does not work. I have zoomed in as much as possible. As you can see there is also a error message. “Range of blend on face is too large”, dont know what that means though.

Not even a small chamfer/fillet is possible.

If I’m not mistaken that mean to big radius for that edge.

Sometimes math core just don’t understand what you trying to achieve. So you have to search for another way to get the same result.

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For example you can make a sweep starting from a corner and do subtract after that.

If you ready to share the project with me I can try to find a way how to do that.

Okay. That would be amazing :pray:

How do I share the project with you?

This is the edges I am trying to round with about 1mm. In the front and in the back. The chamfer/fillet works fine in the holes :+1:

Export in .shapr file and upload here or as a private message to me.

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I’ve managed to add 0.8 filets just by splitting model by half and apply regular filet.

If that’s not enough I can play with sweeps additionally.

1mm filet on every edges

Have to cut 0.4mm in the middle of the model to achieve that

When I just lofted two half together

Even 2mm fillet can be applied after that

Thats amazing. Could you record a video step by step? When I am cutting the model in half i still have the same problem, cannot apply even a 0,8mm fillet.

And how did you come to the conclusion of cutting 0,4mm in the middle to be able to achieve more fillet? :blush:

Ok. I’ll record a video for you a little bit later

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Makes perfect sense. Thank you again for taking your time to show me this :clap:

So it is typically a problem with the end of an edge if you get theese kind of errors to perform a function it seems. :man_shrugging: