Need help with the leather part of gearbox for my Logitech G29 Shifter project


Just quickly mocked this up, I’m new to CAD myself. I don’t think Shapr can replicate fabric like that. I tried the following which seemed to work but would need more work to make it authentic.

  1. Create a circle sketch the size of the gearbox shaft
  2. Raise the circle it sits at the top of the shaft
  3. On the ground plane create a rectangle for the base of the leather
  4. Loft the rectangle to the circle. You’ll get a weird pyramid looking shape.
  5. On each face of the new shape use the move tool to twist the shape on the x axis. Don’t over do it or it will be rejected.
  6. Highlight the new tool and rotate with copy selected. Copy as many times as you need to.
  7. Chamfer/round the edges to suit your taste.
  8. Select the new shape an create a union.
  9. Position around your gear stick and non-uniform scale to fit.

Somebody else probably has a better solution but I hope this helps a little.


Thank you for your answer. After trying a bit I got something like this. But Shapr3D is unfortunately still insufficient in such matters.

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