Creating Gears

I have been trying to learn 3d modeling for a long time now and finding shapr has been the saving grace for me. However I have been experimenting with gear modeling lately and shapr is not conducive for gears. In order to create them we have to figure out a great deal of math in order to create them from scratch. In my research though shapr is the only application I have found without a gear generating function. I have fallen in love with using shapr and the only gripe I have is the gears.

If a feature can be implemented I would hope it would allow an interface to input parameters for gears and help set these gears up to work. By this I reference fusion 360 which has a radius for the intersection of two gears so when positioning the gears you know exactly were they need to be to not overlap and not be to far apart. Hopefully it would also allow us to select multiple gears and see details about the gear ration of them.

this is so far the only workflow issue I have. I have attempted one model with gears and it has taken me several days just to make three gears because of finding the copy rotation of teeth, the depth, making sure they are a functional distance apart. The amount of time it takes to figure all this out when you don’t have an express background in gear calculation of some kind is making it impossible to create any of the designs i want to that involve gears.


Have you tried this?


Not I had not. Thanks for pointing this out. I still believe shapr shouldnimpliment a gear maker into their software like most other cad prgrams have. But I will try this out to see if it helps.


I fully agree making gears from scrap is quite a task I had to do the same a week ago
Something that would be very nice is some test rotation button to see how the gears turn on each other just to mimic movement not just on gears but to open and close parts