Car modeling?

Has anyone tried to model a car with Shapr? Been struggling to try and figure out how to. Maybe not the most ideal thing to try and make in the program? Specifically a car body like a Ferrari 250 GT, something that’s hard surface but kinda organic.

Any help is appreciated.

Well, it’s not easy, but I’d take a look at the new guided loft feature:


Yah, it’s been what I’ve been doing. It’s useful for car concepting so I don’t mind it but it’s fairly difficult to get anything exact from a schematic. Will there be anything like patches in the future?

Not in the near future, but the guided loft feature is quite powerful. I think in most cases you can achieve with it what you could achieve with patches.

Yah, it’s quite good. It’s a bit finicky sometimes but otherwise it makes nice shapes. Can’t really replace the accuracy of patches but for designing it’s a nice workflow.

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