Need the ability to "phantom" some parts of a design drawing

Patent applications require drawings which present the design using colored items (to highlight the invention and a “phantom” format of parts of the item which are not the invention. This is done solely to highlight the novel item when it is a part of a much larger mechanism. A phantom drawing is basically a line drawing which is transparent allowing the viewer to see through those parts and view only the invented elements.

Do you offer a way to make a selected item either transparent with dark outlines of slightly transparent?


Out of interest, what country requires coloured and/or transparent elements? Any CDN, US, EU and PCT applications I’ve filed require solid black lines and hatching only for shading - no colour allowed??

united States

I just copied this directly off the USPTO website referring to utility patents. You might want to check with them.
Hope this helps.

11.13 Special Requirements for Drawings
(a) Drawings shall be executed in durable, black, sufficiently dense and dark, uniformly thick and well-defined, lines and strokes without colorings.
(b) Cross-sections shall be indicated by oblique hatching which should not impede the clear reading of the reference signs and leading lines.


We have a ghost mode, which makes bodies transparent in general. (you can set it in the view mode - top right corner)

Also, you can set the alpha in Colors (slider on the right) which allows you to set the rate of transparency for every body. - probably this is the solution you are looking for

See an example on the pictures below:


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Thanks Daniel!!!

Wayne Crolley