Create schematic view of shapes

What is the best way to create schematic view of the created shapes?

The intend is to export as images with the shapes top, bottom, front, back, left, and right views, with hidden edges shown on all views.

By default the shapes are in grey, which doesn’t yield good result when printing. Is there a way to create transparency or selecting certain color for the shapes so that only the edges are shown when printing?

Secondly, what would be the best way to show hidden edges on image export? By default the hidden edges will be similar as shown edges (solid line) when you turn on the “show hidden edges” view. Typical schematic will have hidden edges in dash lines of some sort.

Please help to advise. Thanks!

In the PRO version of the app you can set the color and transparency (opacity) of any model. (Tools / Colors)

If you decrease the opacity of the models, all edges will be shown. If you decrease it to 0%, only the edges will show, even the hidden ones. And you can just use the screenshot tool to take images of your model.

Currently all hidden edges are shown as solid lines. There’s no way to change this.