Need to combine multiple sections of an object that are on a single plane

How do I combine all of these separate areas into a single object? I’m not even sure how I created them. It might have been by the spline tool


Pascal, while your point has merit, I don’t see the need to belittle a new comer.

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The union tool doesn’t actually get rid of them. When I select one of the sections it highlights my entire model. The reason I care is that I’m getting weird lines when 3d printing this model.

Owen, the only time I might see lines, is when two bodies are not indeed unioned. Have you ensured each body has been included in the Union? Sketch lines have never shown up in my prints. Could there be a chance they are not aligned?

Just unioning won’t get rid of the edges, as it doesn’t change the geometry. If there are edges on the bodies where they meet (they aren’t perfectly planar and aligned), they will remain after the union action too. It might be necessary to either recreate, or cut the incorrect parts. For example one way would be to extrude the problematic parts, hide them, sketch the desired shape under them, and unhide the increased body, and cut it with by extruding the sketch. But it also needs the sketch to be correct.