Target or tool is general body

Hi guys.
I am on holiday and have limited internet access so I can’t send pictures.
I am trying to subtract one object from another in the usual manor.
Select the object I want changed
Select the object to act as the cutter.
But instead of cutting as I would expect I get the message ‘Target or tool is general body’

What am I doing wrong?
They are on separate groups

Kind regards

Following. I’m having the same issue, only I’m trying the Union tool

The same model is now getting the same error message with subtract also.

Is obviously a significant problem, because the model won’t successfully 3D print

I had to redraw the object to overcome the problem. I suspect it was something held over in the drawing from a previous release of the beta test. I have a test file I keep using to tryout the new options as they are released.
When I get home next weekend I will try and print the new design. I will let you know how it goes.

The body was probably a non-manifold body. Can you share a pic?

Not from here at the moment.
But I have read the document you recommended and I think the explanation fits.
I am glad all I have to do is draw on the iPad and leave the maths to you guys.
Keep up the brilliant work.
Thanks for responding.

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6EB73C54-1230-471D-93B0-180C5CF4752B AE1EF8C1-4D3F-4389-9BE8-2236D39BF3D3

The middle piece there is made up of lots of smaller pieces & the union command worked well up to a point…

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I’d love to be able to fix it, because this prints gonna come out crappy until I do…

Wow, lots of details. Hard to tell from tbe picture where is the problem, but if look at the article I posted, it will make it clear what to look for. Probably there is an edge that is non-manifold somewhere.

That’s a clever design. You put a lot of effort into that. Hope you get it sorted. P

Wow this comment literally didn’t help at all. :clap:t3::clap:t3:

We are thinking of ways to give more information about these “errors” in the future. For example, in this case, we should show the problematic edge with a different color (let’s say red) to give the user the ability to act upon that and update the model accordingly.


That makes a lot of sense. It would also help the design process as we went along.
It is often easier to correct as you go than have to find the problem at the time of output.

Now this would really help.

If I send you the Shapr file, would you be able to find this edge? I wouldn’t have a clue what to look for, in spite of the explanation given on the link…

Sure, let me take a look at it. Please send it to