New Beta is out - 3.14 Beta Feedback

Hi Shapers,

We have released the 3.14 Beta last Friday, and a much stable and more feature-rich version just went out a few minutes ago. If you’d like to try out the new beta and the new features - just post “Count me in” and we will send you a Testflight invite.

This beta contains:

STL IMPORT: (New Pro feature) once you’ve imported the file, you will be able to

  • use the body as a reference
  • color it as one body
  • use Transform tools

(PLEASE NOTE: Previous versions of the app won’t be able to handle workspaces from the 3.14 version)

Upgraded Items functionality:

  • Folders inside folders
  • Keep all your sketches, bodies, images and cons. geometry together in a single folder.

New default color

Let us know what you think :slight_smile:

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Count me in

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Invite sent :slight_smile:

Count me in!

Count me in!

STL file import I was a feature I was about to ask for. I hav a 3 printer par I want to change a little.

Sent :slight_smile: to @dopper as well

@Johngerard please note, that this implementation only allows you to use your STL the following way:

  • transform
  • color
  • as a reference

Count me in!


Hi Philip - Testflight shows me you’ve already downloaded it. Can you please confirm if you did

Ah, yes, you’re right! I already got this version… Sorry for the confusion.


I have a question for you:

To download the app, ask me to delete the previous one, and I have many projects, if I delete the app I will continue keeping the projects in the new installation?

everything is the same, I’m going to trastear this version!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Reply to email

Where did you send an email?

Hi - it overwrites the live version. There can be mistakes, and crashed. We advise all beta users to have a backup of their file before downloading the beta

Hello #Daniel_Shapr3D

Wow seriously, I’m impressed with the layers menu, at first it’s hard to get used to seeing everything in the root, but it increases the workflow by having each element in your folder. Everything well ordered.

One thing that I would like to see in this version (update) when we select a sketch or use the transformation tool we observe the axes of movement and rotation with a broad view of the object or sketch, but when we expand they disappear when having a specific position by default, nor can you move them because, as I said, they are fixed. Said axes of movement could be centered on the screen once we select x anchor points and when they go on they would focus on the screen or have the option as it happens with the transform tool, to be able to move the purple point.
You could put a small purple dot between the two arrows. Or alternate white (fixed) and purple (Free). With these options we would have more mobility when expanding an area that we need to adjust.

Hello again,
I go little by little trying
the layer menu! :joy::joy::joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: One thing that I miss when I want to rename a layer or correct a word is the magnifying glass feature of the IOS system. Since now you have to erase everything and rewrite. Can it be incorporated?

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So the .stl will be a single uneditable body. By transform tools you mean “Transform” section. I could see how the “Subtract” and “Union” Tools could be useful for minor editing of the .stl object. Quit often I just want to extract/chop of a bit of an .stl model. Still using as a reference body could be a useful step.


For now, yes. Lter you will be able to do booleans with it, and a few months from now you will be able mix mesh bodies with b-rep (regular CAD) bodies.

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Count me in!

Invitation sent :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel …
count me in :slight_smile:
Thanks Allan